About to be hoodwinked

During the months leading up to the November elections, those of us running for office here in southeastern Minnesota heard loud and clear one resounding top theme from voters: Reduce our property tax burdens.

State government has projected a $2.2 billion surplus. The government over-collected taxes from Minnesotans. Some will argue that there’s only a surplus of just over $1 billion. That’s still $1 billion of our money that the government over-collected.

One bill does exactly what the voters asked for — reduce our property taxes. Rep. Steve Sviggum authored that bill. Sviggum’s bill applies the surplus directly to property tax relief, reducing property taxes by 15 percent across the board for every Minnesota property taxpayer. Hats off to Sviggum. He walks the walk.

Unfortunately, Sviggum’s bill has been blocked from advancing by the Democrats who now control the Minnesota House of Representatives. Why? They have many competing plans to use the surplus to grow government spending. Yes, they’re going to spend our money for us. And our property taxes? They’ll continue to increase.

The government animal is already at market weight, and its insatiable appetite for our money is incessantly hurting families. Minnesotans are about to be hoodwinked by the new DFL majority. The proof will be in the pudding that arrives in our mailboxes prior to May 15.


Steve Drazkowski


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