SIBLEY, Iowa — Authorities ordered evacuations Sunday, May 16, following a train derailment in Sibley, Iowa, just south of the Minnesota state line.

The derailment happened around 2 p.m. Sunday, and evacuation of a 5-mile radius took place because ammonium nitrate was being transported by the train. Aerial video showed roughly 30 train cars had left the track and were in flames.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation website, the derailment happened on a Union Pacific railroad. The railroad had yet to issue comment Sunday night on the accident; no injuries had been reported.

KIWA radio of Sheldon reported the train was transporting fertilizer as well as ammonium nitrate. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, ammonium nitrate is an explosive chemical compound used to make fertilizers, explosives, matches and pyrotechnics. It will burn if contaminated with combustible material, the national center added, resulting in the possible production of toxic oxides of nitrogen.

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