AD WATCH Name: "Check"

Medium: Television

Length: 30 seconds

Sponsor: 2nd Congressional District DFL candidate Teresa Daly

Cost: $188,000

Target area: Twin Cities, to reach voters in the 2nd Congressional District, which represents suburbs and rural areas south of the Twin Cities. The ads began airing on all network stations Wednesday.


Text: Teresa Daly: "Two years ago, I gave 50 dollars to John Kline because he claimed to share our values. Instead, he was a rubber stamp for his party 98 percent of the time. Kline even voted to cut health care for veterans and against a pay raise for our troops in Iraq. I'll vote with either party if it protects our veterans, seniors and children. I'm Teresa Daly, and I approved this ad. Hey John -- I want my 50 bucks, and we want our congressional seat back."

Key visuals: The entire ad is shot inside the living room of her home. It starts out with a wide shot of the room, narrowing in on Daly as it draws to a close. The only visuals are Daly standing and talking to the camera and a superimposed rubber stamp printing the words Daly is speaking on the bottom corner of the television screen.

Goal: To combat accusations from the Kline camp that she once supported him and curiously, now is running against him. Kline has suggested that Daly might have helped him for her own political advantage. He said that his positions and values were well-known and that he clearly campaigned as a conservative Republican.

Analysis: This is Daly's second ad and the first one that mentions Kline. It's an attempt to defuse one of Kline's strongest criticisms about her and perhaps even turn the issue against him. It also tries to paint Kline as a partisan and herself as a moderate.

-- Associated Press

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