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FARGO, N.D. — Ashley Ware says she used skills from her nursing job to try to connect with a man who abducted her and threatened to kill her, waiting for a chance to escape.

"You don’t tell a girl that you’re going to rape her and kill her," Ware, 23, told The Forum in a copyright story published Tuesday. "You just don’t. No way. Your girl instincts kick in."

Vincent Degidio Jr., 28, of Moorhead, Minn., faces charges in Minnesota’s Clay County, including attempted murder of a police officer and kidnapping. Authorities say he abducted Ware from her Fargo home at gunpoint Thursday and forced her to drive to Moorhead, where he later exchanged shots with police and was hit by two bullets. He is hospitalized in Fargo.

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney said Tuesday night that his department is sharing the responsibility of guarding Degidio round the clock. Degidio faces extradition to Minnesota or possible federal charges.

Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said he knows little about Degidio’s medical condition.


"I don’t think they can give us that total report yet, because he still is on a lot of medication," Bergquist said Tuesday night.

"We have been told that there is going to be some more surgery that’s involved, and at some point, they’re going to have to try some rehabilitation," Bergquist said.

The sheriff said federal prosecution would spare state taxpayers the cost of sizable medical bills. North Dakota U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley said he has been talking to prosecutors in both states about moving the case into federal court.

"Obviously, that’s a big help for us, because they do have federal facilities where he could possibly be housed," Bergquist said. Federal officials could hold Degidio longer, he said.

Clay County prosecutor Brian Melton filed court papers Tuesday releasing Degidio from Clay County custody. The move was taken because Degidio’s medical condition did not allow him to appear before a Minnesota judge within the time set by law, Melton said.

A Clay County warrant was issued for Degidio’s arrest. It was later served by Cass County deputies, transferring custody of Degidio to North Dakota, where some type of court appearance will be arranged, Laney said.

Ware said she chatted with her kidnapper as he forced her to drive to Moorhead and tried to create a therapeutic relationship, a healing skill she learned in her nursing studies.

Police said Ware broke away from Degidio near an auto parts store in Moorhead but he caught her in the store, hit her with a pistol and robbed the business. They said he eventually ran after she fought with him.


In a transcript obtained by The Forum of the 911 call made from the store, an employee tells a dispatcher about Ware’s injuries and abduction.

"She (Ware) said she was asked for ahh, asked for a ride. He kidnapped her and then all we know is he’s at our door," said the unidentified male employee. He added, "The gal that he grabbed or whatever, she’s bleeding profusely from the head."

Police said Ware probably saved her life and the lives of two store employees by acting quickly and decisively.

"I thought, ’No way am I going to die at 23 years old, going to let this punk take my life,"’ she said.


Information from: The Forum,

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