Add bicycle lanes to major roads

Rochester’s bike trails are great for a scenic ride, but if you want to get from point A to B (say you’re taking your bicycle to school or work) the road is a much quicker, effective route to take. Restricting bicyclists from using anything but the trails would add time and distance to anyone’s bicycle commute, which would discourage people from riding altogether.

With today’s energy crisis, the city of Rochester needs to embrace the forms of transportation that save energy and make it appealing for citizens to choose these alternative methods. The ideal solution for bicyclists and drivers both would be to add bicycle lanes to the major roads in Rochester, like Minneapolis and Madison have already done.

Bike lanes give bicyclists a separate path from the drivers, which makes the roads safer for both parties, and still allow bike riders their due access to the public streets of Rochester.

Jennifer L. Schreiter


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