Add patience to your load of recyclables or yard waste

Road construction continues to change the access point for Olmsted County solid waste and recycling facilities

A portion of Collegeview Road East in Rochester is reopened Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, after being closed for construction. (Joe Ahlquist /

Staff at Olmsted County’s recycling center, hazardous waste facility and compost site are encouraging visitors to bring their patience with them.

Ongoing construction efforts have affected how residents access the county’s Environmental Resources facilities this summer, and access points changed Monday when work shifted on Collegeview Road.

The change has made Silver Creek Road accessible for vehicles using Collegeview Road from the east, but access from the west is now restricted.

Later this month, work on Silver Creek Road will begin, reducing the north section of the road to one lane with an alternating signal to control traffic in and out. It means customers will exit Olmsted County’s Environmental Resources facilities north to circle the facilities and eventually connect with the southern portion of Silver Creek Road.

Approximately 8,000 vehicles travel Silver Creek Road each week this time of year, so county staff is anticipating significant delays once the new construction begins


Residents are expected to be advised to delay trips to the facilities when possible, even though they will remain open.

The Silver Creek Road project is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Additional information on how to access solid waste facilities is available at

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