After all the Super hype, just take the Steelers


At some point early Sunday evening, about the time the bean dip kicks in, the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers will get around to playing Super Bowl XL.

That's what all this is about, you know.

The game.

It's why there are more parties this weekend than at spring break in Cozumel.


The Super Bowl is so big it's made Detroit cool again. Bashing Detroit is so old-school -- this week anyway.

Playboy magazine, speaking of old school, is hosting a party for 1,800 at a Detroit-area airport hangar and the guest list includes Cal Ripken Jr., Kanye West and really nice, uh, decorations.

The Playboy party, of course, begs the question are you ready for some football.


Each Super Bowl gets analyzed more thoroughly than the Zapruder film -- and that's just the commercials.

Controversy is created where none exists. The good people at Texas A&M; (motto: Can you get us Mack Brown's autograph?) decided recently to make an issue of Seattle's use of the term "the 12th man."

The Aggies have trademarked the phrase and aren't really happy the Seahawks have adopted it for their own. So, in the American way, they went to court about it.

The Aggies might be wise to drop the suit, grab a Seahawks pennant and cheer for Shaun Alexander or else Seattle owner Paul Allen (who is richer than everyone in the world but Bill Gates and most NBA players) might just buy Texas A&M; and turn it into Baylor.


Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter acted outraged this week when Seattle tight end Jeremy Stevens had the temerity to say he thought Seattle would win the game. What's Stevens supposed to say? That he took the Steelers and gave the points?

Two size-XL questions hang over Super Bowl XL:

1. Which team is going to win?

2. Did you pick the right boxes in the $1 pool to win this year?

I can't help you on the second one, having never won anything but a pound cake at a third-grade carnival. At least the pound cake taught me one of life's lessons -- never enter a contest in which you don't want to win the prize.

You're only going to win a blind draw maybe once in your life and why risk it on winning a painting of a barn at the grocery store? Wait until there's a Jaguar on the line, then go all in.

As for the Super Bowl, the only problem with the Seahawks is their uniforms, which look like something from a bad movie. They have a great running back, a terrific coach and put a whipping on the Panthers that Clorox couldn't bleach out.

But there's a time for everything and this is the Steelers' time. It's the perfect moment for Jerome Bettis to say goodbye in a confetti shower.


It's when Ben Roethlisberger becomes a true star and Bill Cowher gets to put a big smile on that beautiful face.

Make it: Steelers 27, Seahawks 17.

Ron Green Jr. is a sports columnist with The Charlotte Observer.

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