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CALMAR, Iowa — More than 500 FFA members from 20 high schools participated in the Iowa Dairy Expo held earlier this month at the Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation Dairy Center at Calmar.

Mike Ketchum of Altura, Minn., was the official judge for the dairy competition. Ketchum is a genetic mating evaluator for ABS Global. Terri Boylston from Iowa State University conducted the dairy products contest.

More than 50 NICC dairy science students helped with the contests, seminars and tours.

The Iowa Dairy Expo featured seminars on dairy and agricultural topics including linear scoring, "Giving Reasons in a Dairy Cattle Contest," "Judging a Dairy Cow" and "Why Biosecurity."

A Panel Discussion on "Opportunities from Grass to Glass" also was offered.


Oelwein FFA Team 1 earned first place in the dairy judging with reasons division.

Winning team members were Logan Worden, Brad Arthur, Dan Stewart and David Vanlangham. North Fayette FFA 3 (Austin Langreck, Troy Bishop, Nichole Fagle, Dru Kueker) placed second.

Scott Hageman of South Winn FFA was the top scoring individual in the reasons division, followed by Logan Worden of Oelwein FFA in second and Chelsey Fagle of North Fayette FFA.

South Winn FFA Team 11 won first place in the dairy judging without reasons division.

The winning team consisted of Jason Kuennen, Devin Moellers, Tyler Egeland and Aaron Ashbacher.

Jared Wise of Decorah FFA earned the top place in the dairy judging without reasons division. Taylor Carolan of Decorah FFA placed second and Nathan Lensing, of South Winn FFA, placed third.

Starmont FFA Team 1 earned top honors in the dairy products judging competition.

Team members were Alexia Hamlett, Karissa Keppler and Clint Keppler. North Fayette FFA 3 (Tyler Grimm, Bobbi Ney, Brianna Lee, Hannah Thoms) placed second and Edgewood-Colesburg FFA 1 (Dakota Lueken, Dan Venteicher, Kirk Moser, Ashley Wegman) placed third.


Hanna Thoms of North Fayette FFA was the top individual in the dairy products competition.

Thoms also topped the products examination and the cheese identification categories.

Damien Matt of Valley FFA placed second in the dairy products judging and Dan Venteicher of Edgewood-Colesburg FFA placed third.

A board of directors representing several sectors of the dairy business organizes the Iowa Dairy Expo. 

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