AMC treats first patient in its Infusion Therapy Center

By Tim Ruzek

Austin Medical Center on Wednesday celebrated its new Infusion Therapy Center, which treats patients intravenously with fluids, nutrients or medications.

The new outpatient center, which is on the hospital’s second floor, also hosted its first patient, Marvin Foster, an infusion therapy patient at AMC for more than a year, according to an AMC news release.

AMC’s Infusion Therapy Center, which averages about 25 patients a week, will provide for improved access and care for all infusion therapy patients.


Previously, infusion therapy could only be done on two patients at the same time in a small hospital room. Now the center has its own location and a total of five therapy stations, including three chairs and two beds.

Each therapy station is equipped with a private area with chairs for visitors, a television and Internet access for patients who want to bring a laptop computer.

The release says patient comfort is important because treatments can last 15 minutes to eight hours.

Infusion-therapy treatment usually is done Monday through Friday. An infusion-therapy nurse, however, can be available on weekends if a patient needs cancer-related treatment or to remove chemotherapy pumps.

Diagnoses that commonly require infusion therapy include cancer, multiple sclerosis, blood transfusions, anemia, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and polyradiculopathy or other neurological disorders.

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