Another yearbook added to Bob Dylan exhibit

Associated Press

CHISHOLM, Minn. — A second high school yearbook bearing Bob Dylan’s signature has been added to the exhibit at Ironworld in Chisholm called, "Tangled Up in Ore: Bob Dylan and the Iron Range."

The exhibit chronicles Robert Zimmerman’s early life and experiences in the Iron Range city of Hibbing, as well as his rise to fame in music as Bob Dylan.

The 1958 Hibbing High School yearbook is on loan from Jerry Von Feldt, a former classmate of Zimmerman’s. Von Feldt grew up in Hibbing and lives in Fairmont.

In his message to Von Feldt, Zimmerman wrote, "Dear Jer, Well, the year’s almost over now, huh? Remember the ‘sessions’ down at Colliers? Keep practicing the guitar and maybe someday you’ll be great." The message is signed "A Friend, Bob Zimmerman."


Von Feldt’s family owned Collier’s BBQ, a bar and restaurant that hosted afternoon jam sessions for local musicians. Zimmerman often would play there.

The Dylan exhibit runs through Aug. .

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