Civic Center Drive (copy)

Civic Center Drive NW has been completely closed since Friday.

Answer Man: A recent Post Bulletin had a very good story about the road reconstruction taking place at Civic Center Drive at Sixth Avenue Northwest.

It states the work crews “encountered underground conditions that call for a different approach,” meaning some major excavation was unplanned until now. So now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Can you please tell us, just what they found buried under there that caused the change in plans? — Mike Liebenow

Dear Mike: Sorry to burst any conspiracy theories out there, but no bodies or other debris were found buried under Civic Center Drive.

Instead, dolostone bedrock, also known as dolomite, was found closer to the surface than expected, according to Megan Moeller, the communications coordinator for Rochester Public Works.

“The higher bedrock elevations complicated the planned pipe jacking, which could have significantly impacted the project schedule and cost,” she stated in an email to an Answer Man minion. “Open cutting the utility installation is inconvenient, but keeps the project on track with the anticipated schedule and budget.”

The $5.9 million project involves reconstruction of parts of Sixth and Seventh avenues in Northwest Rochester. It includes replacement of water mains, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers.

The overall project is expected to continue through most of 2020, but Moeller said the closure of Civic Center Drive, between Fourth and Eighth avenues, isn’t expected to last beyond 10 days, as long as the weather plays nice.

Work started Friday, and crews worked through the weekend to keep it on track.

All underground work through the intersection of Civic Center Drive and Sixth Avenue was reportedly completed Saturday night.

Now, it’s just a matter of putting the street back together.

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