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The Bundy Cafe and Atrium is on the main floor of the Davis Building at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. Mayo's Florida facilities will transition to Morrison Healthcare food service early next year.

Dear Answer Man, I've heard that about 30 percent of Mayo's food service workers have quit since the change to Morrison Healthcare was announced. True or not?

Mayo spokeswoman Ginger Plumbo says it's not 30 percent of the roughly 700 employees who will be affected by the change, but "yes, we have had some transferring within Mayo."

"Through the end of September, we had approximately 30 food service employees transfer to other jobs at Mayo Clinic in Rochester," she said. "We have approximately 30 more food service employees in Rochester who WILL BE transferring to other jobs at Mayo between now and January."

Plumbo says Mayo is "supportive of qualified staff who wish to seek and secure other jobs within Mayo Clinic. This allows us to retain our hard-working food service staff and open job opportunities in the community for those interested in working in food service."

As you may have noticed, the clinic has been advertising for food service workers to fill those jobs. The reduction in weekend hours for Mayo employee cafeterias is related to vacancies during the Morrison shakeout.

Plumbo also told one of my research associates Thursday that the agreement with Morrison has been signed. That was still up for grabs, last time we checked.

Here's one more Mayo food service question -- and I always have a few on my desk.

Dear Answer Man, I've heard that Mayo's new food service company is already on the job in Eau Claire, or at least it's soon to take over. FYI.

Close to true. Morrison Healthcare takes over in Eau Claire, Wis., on Nov. 1. That's also when the transition happens at these Mayo facilities in Wisconsin: Chippewa Valley, Bloomer; Northland, Barron; Oakridge, Osseo; La Crosse, and Sparta.

Also on Nov. 1, Red Wing and Cannon Falls change over to Morrison.

Phase 2 of the transition occurs on Dec. 1, with Menomonie, Wis., and Lake City.

Phase 3, in the first quarter of next year, includes Mayo's Jacksonville and Florida facilities, plus Fairmont, Mankato, Waseca and New Prague.

Phase 4 in the second quarter, will convert Albert Lea, Austin and Mayo's Arizona facilities, and Phase 5, also in the second quarter, will be right here in the Queen City.

Mayo has a webpage with plenty of detail on the whole food service topic -- it has the look and feel of a fact-check website, considering the controversy this move has generated. It's at foodservicefacts.mayoclinic.org.

Here's one more Mayo item, since I'm on a roll:

Dear Answer Man, how much is the work being done at Mayo's Jacobson Building going to cost? That was missing from the news coverage this week.

Mayo initially put out news advisories saying it's to cost $30 million, but then they backed off that and said the estimates aren't complete. For now, that figure gives you a sense of where the final number may end up.

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