No fence

A narrow strip of land 3-4 feet wide is all that separates the bike path from a 10-foot drop into a culvert on 18th Avenue NW.

Hello, Answer Man:

I would like to draw your attention to an upsetting aspect of the street project on 18th Avenue Northwest that has been going on for two years. There is a potential safety issue where 18th Avenue Northwest crosses over a creek.

The creek goes under the sidewalk and road and, depending on the weather, can be a trickle or a roaring stream. As it stands, there is no fence to protect people on the sidewalk from the sharp drop into the creek. At the same time, the project includes a huge fence a few yards north to protect, I am not sure what.

Can you explain the logic or ask the responsible people to provide clarification? — Concerned Essex Park resident

Dear Concerned: Thank you for your letter. As the saying goes, "If you see something, say something." And that is exactly what you did. You saw something that might be unsafe and you brought it to the attention of those who could address it.

According to City Engineer Dillon Dombrovski, a fence is planned for that area but hasn't been put up yet as the only state-approved fence material is on back order. (The project received state aid so all products used need to be approved by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.)

Dombrovski told an Answer Man minion last week that he checked on the status of the fence material and it should be in by September.

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