Dear Answer Man: It seems like we skipped fall again this year. After nice weather Thursday, we woke to near freezing temperatures Friday. This got me wondering, what is the biggest temperature drop we’ve seen in one day in Rochester? — Barry

You’re right, Barry, we definitely saw some frost on the pumpkins this weekend, much to the disappointment of fall fans — or, autumn enthusiasts if you prefer.

But it is that time of year — leaves fall from the trees, air temperatures fall through the longer nights, the Twins fall in another playoff series to the Yankees.

Although temperatures did drop fast before last weekend with a high of 61 Thursday and a low of 32 Friday, it wasn’t nearly as fast as has been recorded in the past.

One of the fastest drops ever recorded in the area happened just over a decade ago on January 28, 2008. Warm air in the area was still in place at about midnight for a mild air temperature of 40 degrees. Before the day was over, the temperature had dropped to 12 below, for a 52-degree swing.

But that was steep enough to only tie for the sixth-largest recorded temperature swing in Rochester.

The largest one-day temperature swing ever recorded in Rochester was a whopping 58-degree swing people saw on May 5, 1909. The day started with an air temperature of 32 degrees. Later that afternoon, the temperature topped out at 90, according to historical data from the National Weather Service in La Crosse, Wis.

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