Hello, Answer Man: I’ve been a customer of OSI lawn service for a number of years, and now it seems as if the company has vanished (their web site is down and nobody answers their phone). Did the company go out of business? I pre-paid for service this year and am not sure what recourse there is to be had if they are now closed.

Thanks in advance — WeedLikeToKnow

Dear Weed: I can understand how this kind of situation might make you crabby and not at all dandy.

Luckily, my landscape of knowledge is lush and green, so I can hack through the brush and lead you into the clearing of truth to get to the root of the issue.

Outdoor Service Inc., or OSI, is still alive and well, according to the folks I reached by email.

“We are under new ownership, and many of our customers are trying to contact us by the personal cell phone numbers they were given by previous ownership and employees who are no longer with the company. Customers can reach us at 507-282-5841 or by e-mail at office@osirochester.com,” they wrote.

The new owners took over in mid-April. OSI is now based in Byron. The firm now offers the additional services of mowing, landscaping and snow removal.

“We have been working hard to communicate with each of our clients about the changes, but with outdated information and technology … it has been difficult,” according to OSI.

And once again, the Answer Man ends up smelling like a rose.

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