The current Mayo Clinic Health Systems clinic in Onalaska, Wis., is at 191 Theater Road. Mayo indicated in 2015 that it was planning a big new hospital and clinic in Onalaska, but a Mayo spokesman says it remains in the planning stage.

Dear Answer Man, whatever happened to Mayo's plan to build a big new hospital in the La Crosse area?

Good question. There hasn't been much information on this since Mayo filed plans two years ago to eventually build a new campus on 187 acres in Onalaska, Wis., just north of La Crosse. The facility planned for the Sand Lake Road area in Onalaska would be staffed by about 3,800 employees, according to reports at the time.

One of my I-Team bulldogs checked with Rick Thiesse, media specialist for Mayo in La Crosse, and he said, "Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare continues to do long-range planning for the future of the Sand Lake Road property. We continue to evaluate how we can create new, innovative models of care that will fit the need of our local communities as well as bring more Mayo Clinic care to the region.

"We will share those details when we have substantive information to make a formal announcement."

And I will share with you, my international audience, even before that information is available.

More immediately, Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Health opened a new clinic Thursday in downtown La Crosse. They moved into a not-yet-completed residential building called Belle Square.

Spurred to add this

Friday's majestic column had an item on the DM&E spur line past the Post Bulletin's impressive headquarters building, and after deadline I received this from John Pritash, the parking ramp construction manager for Kraus-Anderson -- he confirms that the rail line is open whenever the railroad wants it to be open:

"The track is on night service (not related to construction) and will continue to serve Seneca and Tamarack (I believe) as usual. Construction is set up to coordinate with train traffic as it comes up should the schedule change to a day shift. The tracks are physically locked off during the day as a precautionary measure."

They sure are, as you noticed in my pic Friday.

You may be asking, "What's Tamarack?" Tamarack Materials is a construction materials company with offices and yards in five states. Their Rochester yard is at 1638 Third Ave. SE and they specialize in drywall, acoustical tiles, insulation and steel.

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