Answer Man: Since Rochester plow crews hit the streets for the first time this snow season, have the city’s police officers been busy issuing tickets to offenders of the new alternate-side parking requirements?

I still see quite a few violations in my neighborhood. — A nosy neighbor

Nosy: Your neighbors aren’t being ticketed or towed just yet, at least not for parking on the wrong side of the average residential street.

A Rochester Police Department spokesman told one of my minions that the only towing activity performed after Wednesday morning’s snow was related to 12-hour parking violations.

Patrol officers remain in education mode, placing notices, rather than tickets, on windshields when they find cars in violation of the new ordinance.

For those who have had their heads in the proverbial snow bank, the Rochester City Council approved a seasonal parking ordinance earlier this year. It limits where cars can be parked on the street between 2 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily and is in effect from Oct. 1 to May 1.

On odd calendar dates, such as Nov. 9, cars are only allowed on the odd side of most streets. On even dates, they are restricted to the even side.

The new rules don’t apply to metered spaces or areas where parking is already restricted to a single side of the street throughout the day, but in other areas it will eventually pay to check the calendar before parking.

Eventually, violations will cost $26 a pop, and cars could be towed when plows are on the roads.

For now, Jenna Bowman, Rochester’s communications and engagement manager, says the city is continuing its awareness campaign, which started when the new ordinance went into effect on Oct. 1.

She told another of my minions that the City Council is slated to review the policy on Nov. 18. At that time, council members are expected to discuss moving into the planned enforcement phase.

So, you might want to tell your neighbors to enjoy the added parking freedom, if they are willing to take the risk, because the tickets are likely coming now that the snow has started falling.

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