Dear wise and well-informed and all-knowing, etc. etc.

What happened to that wonderful apple orchard in Mazeppa? It's been a favorite place of ours for years, but when we searched the Internet for opening times this fall we were crushed to see it's closed permanently — Apple fan

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Apple: Some people like an apple a day, but I'll take a compliment a day. Yes, I am wise, etc. etc., which is why I can confirm that the orchard you refer to, Apple Ridge Orchard & Vineyard, is indeed permanently closed.

The owners have retired, and posted the following message online: "Thank you for 42 years of inspiration and fun. It's been a pleasure."

It wasn't just apples out there at Apple Ridge. At harvest season, we always took Answer Man Junior to Apple Ridge so he could pick out his pumpkin and, we always hoped, get lost in the corn maze. Just kidding about that last part.

Apple Ridge was located just south of Mazeppa, and it seems like the trip to that pleasant metropolis will not be the same without a stop for a fresh bag of apples.

And now, if you don't mind, I think I'll retire for an afternoon nap.

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