Silver Lake Park

A person takes in the view at Silver Lake Park Tuesday evening, Aug. 27, 2019, in Rochester. (Joe Ahlquist /

Dear Answer Man: After reading a recent article about city parks, l am wondering whether there is a map of Rochester’s city parks.

If so, where can I find one?

Thanks — A parker

Parker must be responding to my Thursday masterpiece, about the beguiling siren system that warns park-goers in six of the largest parks across our area. With 4,200 acres of parkland in 120 parks, you know Rochester has to have a map to keep track of all that space. It's too bad there's no way of mapping my far more vast tracts of knowledge.

The city’s parks range from small neighborhood parks that often go unnoticed to large parks that draw people from throughout the region. In fact, three parks — Cascade Lake, Gamehaven, and Quarry Hill Park and Nature Center — achieved regional designation by the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission in 2014.

Combine that with 85 miles of trails and you get a map that offers a variety of recreational opportunities in the city.

Printed Park & Trail Maps are available from the Park and Recreation Department’s main office in City Hall, 201 Fourth St. SE., but digital versions can be found online. I’ll include a link to the maps with this article on the Post Bulletin’s website.

In addition to the maps, the Park and Recreation Department website offers a searchable list of facilities in parks throughout the city. It will help you find a park that best meets your expectations, whether it’s a quiet day outdoors or the chance to find people with like-minded interests in various activities.

A closer look at the city’s parks, as well as plans for future amenities, can be found in the Park and Recreation Department’s system master plan, which is also available on the department website.

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