Lime Scooters

Juicers are people who round up Lime scooters in the evening and re-charge them overnight. All for a bit of cash from Lime. (Photo courtesy of Lime)

Dear Answer Man: The other day my friend said he is thinking of becoming a Lime Juicer. I thought a lime juicer was a kitchen utensil. — Clueless Melon, Rochester

Dear Melon: You might have seen green and white scooters zipping by on the streets of Rochester this past month. They are part of a mobility trend you might not want to miss, especially if you are looking to make some extra money.

The Lime company introduced its scooters to Rochester on Aug. 1. People rent the scooters with an online app. When they arrive at their destination, they simply abandon the scooter in a safe place. This is where the "juicers" come in. The scooters are powered by electricity and must occasionally be recharged.

Juicers are the people who pick the scooters up from around town (called the "harvest), take them home and charge them (called juicing). Juicers then return the scooters to Lime hub locations the next morning.

Juicers earn between $3 and $20 per scooter. The price varies depending on how difficult a scooter is to find and how close it is to other scooters that need charging.

I don't think there are many get-rich-quick stories shared by Lime juicers, but if you're looking for a side hustle, there are worse options.

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