Dear Answer Man: So it seems that our paper in rural Rochester will be delivered by mail carrier now. Does that mean that the tip we give will go to a USPS employee? Or does that end? Just curious in SE Rochester. — Bob Anderson

U.S. Postal Service delivery of the Post Bulletin is just one of the many changes at the paper in recent weeks. About 10 percent of the papers printed each day are delivered by mail, the rest are still delivered the old-fashioned way, by carriers.

But you can still tip, though mail carriers can only legally accept gifts worth $20 or less.

That’s less than recommended for your newspaper carrier on the holidays, according to a tipping guide created by personal finance company LearnVest. The guide suggests tipping your newspaper carrier $10 to $30 at holiday time.

Some other tipping suggestions from LearnVest:

Trash collectors: If there are no local restrictions on tipping public-service employees, give $10 to $25 per person.

Lawn maintenance: $20 to $50.

Parking or garage attendants: $10 to $50.

Day care teacher: $20 to $70, plus a small gift from your child.

School teachers: Small gift or gift card. Avoid cash, in favor of contributing to a class gift or gift certificate. Don’t forget to gift the teacher’s aide or paraprofessional.

School bus driver: $25.

Babysitter: An evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child.

Pet setter, dog walker, groomer: A cash gift equivalent to one service.

UPS/FedEx delivery person: $20 to $25, or a small gift.

Hair stylist: $50 to $100, or a tip or gift card equivalent to one visit.

Personal trainer: Up to the cost of one session.

Masseuse: Up to the cost of one session, or a small gift.

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