Chùa Liên Hoa or the Liên Hoa Meditation Center

Chùa Liên Hoa, or the Liên Hoa Meditation Center, Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, east of Rochester on Highway 14. (Joe Ahlquist /

Greetings Awesome Answer Man, I noticed what looks to be a wonderful Asian-type garden that seems to be rapidly expanding along U.S. Highway 14 East. There is a marvelous Buddha-type sculpture, flags and lanterns. I was wondering if this area will be a garden open to the public, a restaurant or what? It would be great to know more. Thank you. — A Caring Commuter.

Dear Curious Driver: While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the place of which you speak — which is located on the north side of Highway 14 just before you get to Chester — is not a new Chinese restaurant. 

In fact, it's not Chinese at all. Or a restaurant. (So, if thoughts of Peking duck were making your mouth water, I sympathize.)

Actually, the place you've mentioned is the Chùa Liên Hoa, or the Liên Hoa Meditation Center. The center is a Buddhist temple serving the area's Vietnamese community. I'd like to offer more information, but no matter how Zen my approach, I've been unable to reach the folks who run the temple. So, if anyone has more information, please contact The Answer Man. I'm always willing to embrace new knowledge.

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