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Dear Answer Man, as an avid Post Bulletin reader, KTTC watcher, and Googler, I keep looking for a list of Rochester restaurants that are providing takeout service. I may have missed something but I’ve had no luck so far. Does such a published exist? We’d love to support our local eateries but have been confused on where to go. You’ve always been a foodie's friend, please don’t fail us in these hungry times. Stay safe. -- Famished in Rochester

I don't have to work very hard to bring home the bacon today. That's because the list you're looking for has been on display on the Post Bulletin's homepage for the past couple of weeks.

It's a directory of more than 100 local restaurants, including a featured list of ones that offer takeout service. That list is growing as more restaurants announce their takeout options.

You can go straight to the list online at And if you have a restaurant, aren't on the featured list and want to be included, email Ken Henry at

Foodie's friend that I am, I do find it's important to support local restaurants through this trying time. In my family, we've programmed takeout into our weekly meal plan at least a couple of times a week.

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