Applebee's may have found source of fingertip

By David Twiddy

Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Applebee's International Inc. says an internal investigation has discovered that a former employee at a Jefferson, La., restaurant cut the tip off his thumb a year ago and that likely is the fingertip found by a customer now suing the restaurant chain.

May Deal Chambers Johnson of Jefferson Parish claims she found a fingertip in a salad she bought at the restaurant a year ago. She filed suit against the Overland Park, Kan.-based chain.

In a statement Saturday, Applebee's said "while some facts are still unclear, we now believe a former employee at this restaurant accidentally cut the very tip of his thumb last year." The company said the man described the cut as "roughly the size of a sunflower seed."


In its statement, Applebee's said it wanted to apologize to Johnson.

"We deeply regret this isolated incident from last year," the statement said. "Food safety remains our top priority."

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