Applying flea and tick products

By Heloise Cruse

King Features Syndicate

DEAR HELOISE: I read your article about flea medication and the adverse reaction a cat had to it.

I wanted to share a couple of other things that pet owners need to be careful about when applying flea-and-tick-control products.

• Separate multiple dogs in the same household after applying so they don’t groom each other.


• Use only one product, and never put one on top of another.

• Read labels to see what animals the product is to be used on — don’t use dogs’ on cats, etc.

Hope this can be of help to pet owners. Thanks a bunch. — Laura Liggett, Omaha, Neb.

DEAR HELOISE: I have three cats and buy a lot of cat litter in those plastic-jug containers. Here is how I reuse them:

• Cut off the tops and use them as funnels. I have bird feeders that they fit perfectly; no more spilled seed.

• Clean and dry thoroughly and use to store dry cat food. Mark the outside as to content with a marker, or tape the label from the cat-food bag to the jug. Kitty can’t spill the contents, and it is easy to pour.

• Cut off the top and use the bottom to store stuff in the garage or basement. Label the outside with a marker: tape, screws, electrical cords, etc. — Joyce, Roxboro, N.C.

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