Zumbrota-Mazeppa softball

Year: Senior

Position: Shortstop

Post-Bulletin: What other sports do you play?

Rachel Homp: Volleyball and basketball.


P-B: Do you have a favorite of the three?

RH: Definitely softball.

I'm going to (the University of Wisconsin-)LaCrosse. It's a Division III school, so there are no scholarships, but I plan on trying out and hopefully will be able to play there.

P-B: You play behind one of the best pitchers in the area -- Bri Sturm.

What's it like to watch her pitch?

RH: (Laughing) It is kind of frustrating for us as fielders because we don't get many balls. I love to play behind her, but I only get one or two balls per game.

P-B: How many layers of clothes do you wear to play softball this time of year?

RH: It was so nice when started out wearing shorts at the beginning of the season. Now we have two long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt and we wear our winter hats.


P-B: How did you get started playing softball?

RH: I started in seventh grade, when I lived in Plymouth.

I started up there as a pitcher, but after a couple years I moved over to shortstop.

P-B: Do you have a favorite personal sports memory?

RH: Volleyball this year. We really came together as a team.

We worked really hard every practice and did a lot better than we were expected to. We won the subsection and lost the match that would have gotten us to state.

P-B: Do you have a favorite athlete or role model?

RH: (Green Bay quarterback) Brett Favre.


I enjoy watching him play because he's so hard-working and down to Earth.

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