Austin boys win final dual meet


The Austin High boys swimming and diving team finished the regular season with a 96-85 win over Winona on Thursday at the Ellis pool.

After falling behind in the opening event, the Austin Packers took control and cruised to their second Big Nine Conference dual meet win of the season.

The visiting Winona Winhawks led 8-6 after the 200 medley relay, but then the Packers took two of the top three spots in the next event. Travis Walsh finished first and Matt Sims was third in the 200 freestyle, which gave the home team the lead for good.

The Packers then began to pull away with the top two spots in the 50 freestyle. Chase Hanko and Jaceb Crews pushed the Packers to a 37-25 lead. The Packers were up by 13 points after the diving competition and they continued to expand on their lead.


Even though they didn’t get any first-place finishes in the next three events, the Packers continued to build their lead with second and thirds. The home team then put it away with a sweep of the top three spots in the 200 freestyle relay.

The domination in the relay gave the Packers their biggest lead of the night at 83-54. The win by the Packers improved their conference record to 2-7 on the season.

Austin (2-7 overall) competes in the Big Nine Conference Meet a week from Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Rochester Rec Center.


(Winners and Austin top 3)

200 medley relay — 1. Winona 1:49.38; 2. Austin (Jeremy Srock, Jordan Stasi, Phillip Donovan, Eric Lenway) 1:58.37; 3. Austin (Tucker Besel, Jordan Klein, Dan Donovan, Ian Thatcher) 2:01.33. 200 freestyle — 1. Travis Walsh (A) 1:59.17; 3. Matt Sims (A) 2:03.04. 200 ind. medley — 1. Ryan Whalen (W) 2:18.36; 2. Stasi (A) 2:22.53; 3. P.Donovan (A) 2:23.50. 50 freestyle — 1. Chase Hanko (A) 24.22; 2. Jaceb Crews (A) 24.59. Diving — 1. Justin Bublitz (W) 148.90; 2. Caleb Bentley (A) 102.60; 3. Jordan Bentley (A) 79.35. 100 butterfly — 1. Matt Papenfuss (W) 56.03; 2. Walsh (A) 1:01.55; 3. Dan Donovan (A) 1:03.98. 100 freestyle — 1. Matt Papenfuss (W) 50.15; 2. Hanko (A) 52.67; 3. Crews (A) 57.17. 500 freestyle — 1. Mike Johnson (W) 5:28.56; 2. P.Donovan (A) 5:33.91; 3. Sims (A) 5:44.18. 200 freestyle relay — 1. Austin (Hanko, Crews, Zach Rausch, Walsh) 1:40.17; 2. Austin (Lenway, Isaac Van Proosdy, Sims, Dan Donovan) 1:44.16; 3. Austin (Ian Thatcher, Steven Edwards, Jordan Klein, Vinny Askelson) 1:53.87. 100 backstroke — 1. Whalen (W) 1:00.19; 3. Srock (A) 1:07.94. 100 breaststroke — 1. Travis Bernardy (W) 1:07.22; 2. Stasi (A) 1:14.25. 400 freestyle relay — 1. Winona 3:37.28; 2. Austin (Hanko, Crews, Van Proosdy, Walsh) 3:37.40; 3. Austin (Lenway, P.Donovan, Sims, Srock) 3:57.61.

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