AUSTIN EDITION Another 300 rolled at Echo Lanes

For the third week in a row, a first-time 300 game was rolled at Echo Lanes. This time it was Tim Brandt of the Echo 65ers league.

As it so often happens, Tim had just purchased a new ball and was trying it out for the first time in league competition and the result usually ends up to be one of the best series a bowler ever rolls.

Brandt followed up his perfect game with a 724 series to finish a memorable night. All of you who have not turned in a 300 game should hang in there. It could be you next week.

Russ Osier of the Classic League turned in the high series in the ABC division with a 781 series that included games of 268, 257, and 256.

Mike Matyas almost added another 300 to his list of prior perfect games with a near miss 299. Loren Stanton topped all senior bowlers for the week with a 661 series and 234 game in the Thursday league.


Bob Dahlback had the high senior game of 247. Dave Kallman rolled 125 pins over his average and Clarence Henderson followed right behind at 124 over to lead the over-average highlights.

Tessa Smith continues to pace all WIBC division bowlers for the third consecutive week. This time Smith knocked down a 653 total in the Swingers league. She then added a 645 series in the Echo Majors. Her high games included a 257 and 248.

Val Schewe rolled 129 pins over her 143 average. Nadine Wehrhan leads the senior ladies with a 539 series and a 198 game.

Adam Hemann highlighted the junior majors with a 277 game that was a whopping 111 pins over his average. Drew Osier turned in his first ever 600 series with a 601 to lead all juniors.

Heidi Hammermeister has made vast improvements in her game and last week led the girls with a 510 series and a 190 game.


ABC series

Russ Osier 781, Jesse Duholm 744, Randy Rauen 735, Mike Bednar 730, Tim Brandt 724, Mike Matyas 724.


ABC games

Tim Brandt 300, Mike Matyas 299, Kevin Jochumsen 279, Randy Rauen 279, Jesse Duholm 275.

WIBC series

Tessa Smith 653-645, Marcia Sola 634, Sue Stoltenberg 632, Beth Duenow 615, Sue Mielke 603.

WIBC games

Tessa Smith 257-248, Deb Kiefer 246, Beth Duenow 244, Jean Burke 237, Sue Stoltenberg 235.

Junior Majors

Drew Osier 601, Adam Hemann 597, Dylan Schroeder 593, Ben Fisher 590, Sam Williams 587.



Gage Morgan 460, Jimmy Elleby 402, Alix LeBarron 398, Joe Stephenson 351, Travis Hammermeister 339.

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