AUSTIN EDITION AUSTIN CITY COUNCIL NOTEBOOK Another police officer needed, chief says

Police Chief Paul Philipp asked city officials to consider hiring another police officer, the department's 31st.

"We're busy people, dealing with a lot of things. We'd really like to create an investigator's position," Philipp said.

He also said he would like to see the community become more involved in the fight against the making and use of methamphetamine. "I don't want it to just be a police issue," he said.

Philipp wants to bring the community together to find ways to send a message that meth "is not going to be tolerated anymore."

"It affects us all. It's a real problem. I'd like to try something new and innovative and put together a group that would look at the options," he said.


Comprehensive plan reviewed

Members of the city council and planning commission reviewed the city's comprehensive plan.

According to City Administrator Jim Hurm, the plan will be a working document city officials can use for direction.

"A comprehensive plan focuses on land use and development issues facing the community," he said.

The plan would be in place for five to 10 years, but would be reviewed periodically.

Council member Lynn Koch suggested the city's plan be part of the county's comprehensive plan.

Major areas covered include future land use, housing, community facilities and services, and economic development.

'Work list' created


Council members established a "work list," including the state's business and employment program JOBZ, the methamphetamine task force, criminal justice center input, a clean-up ordinance, the purchase of the Downtown Motel, budget issues, economic development and KSMQ.

Each council member was asked to prioritize the seven items, which will be reviewed at the next council retreat.

The next retreat is scheduled for May 11. Elected bodies from the community will give reports and discuss ways to cooperate.

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