AUSTIN EDITION - AUSTIN COUNCIL AT-LARGE - CANDIDATE PROFILE - Bellrichard: Council should focus on goals

Age: 58

Address: 1601 A Third Ave. N.W.

Contact information: 437-1322

Education: Pacelli High School, Austin Community College, University of Minnesota. Has completed two quarters of post-graduate study at Winona State.

Work: Vista Peace Corp. member, stationed at a reservation in North Dakota; Military Police officer and corrections specialist for the U.S. Army. Worked as a letter carrier for Loring Station in Minneapolis. Recycle metals for Mower County.


Government history: Ran a third-party campaign for Minnesota Senate. Ran for city council and Alderman positions and mayor in Winona.

Family: Mother.

Top three issues:

1. Balancing the budget.

2. Create opportunities for young people in town.

3. Look at alternative ways of living and transporting ourselves that free us from dependency on foreign supplies.


"The city council ought to try to concentrate on short-range, medium-range and long-range goals for Austin."


From staff reports

Loren Bellrichard said he decided to run to inspire other community members to run for local office. If he can do it, so can others, he said.

He believes in trying to include all people in the political process.

On the issue of the proposed new justice center, Bellrichard said that the community does not need one. Rather, he said, a better and more tolerant way of administering justice is needed.

"I like to see those in local government exercise some common sense when it comes to applying laws to 'We the People,'" he said.

Bellrichard grew up in a farm six miles southwest of Austin. Among his concerns is the city making laws that are too restrictive for people to do business.

The city should also find ways to spend more money on jobs for its citizens rather than so much on machines, he said.

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