AUSTIN EDITION -- Austin council develops goals

From staff reports

The Austin City Council has been working to develop an organizational values and vision statement and goals for the city in the last couple of months.

City Administrator Jim Hurm has led the council through brainstorming sessions to determined what to include.

The statements will be used as guidelines for the councils' decisions, according to Hurm.

The organizational values for both the mayor and council include:


Working as a team and making decisions collectively.

Providing positive, progressive leadership.

Providing government services efficiently.

Treating employees fairly and with respect.

Willingness to let employees excel.

The community vision statement says providing a safe, high-quality community will encourage generations to remain in Austin.

Other points include:

Coordinating and focusing efforts to create well-paying jobs.


Respecting and celebrating the values and cultures of all citizens.

Encouraging a healthy, diverse economy and a vibrant, attractive central business district.

Creating a high level of recreational and quality-of-life opportunities for all ages.

Creating partnerships with other government units and the private sector to "grow our community together."

The organizational values and the vision statement will be voted on at the July 21 council meeting.

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