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Record flooding two weeks ago caused an estimated $12 million of damage to nearly 80 businesses and 300 homes in Austin.

The following is a partial list from the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce of the city's flooded businesses, which overall had about $9.45 million worth of damage. Not all of the Austin businesses that were flooded submitted figures to the chamber.

Austin Eagles Club, $1.4 million, building and contents.

Jerry's Other Place, $1 million, loss of entire interior structure and contents.


Austin Packaging Co., $750,000, building and contents.

B &; J Bar, $500,000, building and contents.

Jim's SuperValu, $500,000, structure and contents.

R &; S Apartments, $500,000, 29 of 40 apartments destroyed.

Johnny's Main Event, $425,000, building, product and contents.

Baldus Properties, $400,000, contents and interior structure.

Fair Oaks Apartments, $330,000, building and equipment.

Ramsey Golf Course, $325,000, products, equipment and building.


Nicol's Fast Lube &; Car Washes, $300,000, contents and structural.

Powerite, $300,000, electrical, structure and contents.

Golden Tress, $290,000, building and contents.

The Cedars of Austin, $275,000, boilers, water heater, carpet, furniture and appliances.

YMCA, $250,000, walls, flooring and equipment.

Austin Vineyard, $200,000, contents.

Ankeny's No. 1, $150,000, products and freezers.

Bob's Auto, $150,000, building and contents.


Mr. Machinery, $125,000, contents.

Roxanne's Hair Studio, $100,000, contents, walls, flooring and equipment.

Community Bank, $100,000.

Arc Mower County, $100,000, contents.

Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance Co., $95,000, office contents.

Two Bears Trading Post, $75,000, contents.

Double K Specialty, $75,000, building contents.

Old Mill, $70,000, structure and contents.


Stuttgart Tanning &; Travel, $60,000, interior damage and contents.

Hardy Geranium, $50,000, contents and building.

Anderson Radiator, $50,000, contents.

Greenman/Sorenson, $45,000, office space and building.

CarNu Auto Body, $40,000, building and contents.

Elk's Gambling, $35,000, business loss and cleanup.

Theissen Signs, $30,000, contents.

Stevens Properties, $30,000, building and contents.


Sinclair, $30,000, building.

Bundy Auto, $25,000, inventory and cleanup.

City Financial, $25,000, walls, furnace, electrical and others.

Waste Oil, $20,000, warehouse contents.

Triple J Auto, $20,000, building and contents.

Parkside Pete's, $20,000, contents and building.

Hansen Tire, $20,000, structural.

American Mat &; Specialty, $18,000.


Granle's Custom Framing &; Art Gallery, $15,000, sewer backup.

Austin Employee Credit Union, $10,000, building, furnace, water heater and electrical.

Davis TV, $10,000, contents.

Sheriff's Youth Thrift, $10,000, furnace, water heater, interior walls and floors and contents of basement.

Smitty's Tavern, $10,000, contents and interior structure.

Tom's Heating, $10,000, contents.

Brickhouse Yoga &; Pilates, $9,000, food and equipment.

Fourth Avenue Laundry, $8,000, furnace, water heater and shelving.

Doors &; Floors, $8,000, flooring, displays and cleanup.

Danny's Place, $8,000, equipment and floor.

Guzman Furniture &; Photography, $7,800, contents and structure.

Bushaw Barber Shop, $7,000, building and contents.

Sacred Heart, $6,000, structure and contents.

Convention &; Visitors Bureau, $6,000, contents.

Pro Auto Clean, $5,000, office walls and structure.

Lemons Auto, $4,000, building, equipment and vehicles.

Austin Transportation, $4,000, contents.

Apartment Complex: Lonnie Krupicka, $4,000, interior damage and contents.

ViDeyo Arts, $3,000, contents.

Enger Abstract, $2,000, contents.

Austin Medical Center, $2,000, interior walls and supplies in maintenance building.

Pizza Hut, $1,000, food.

Luisa Reyes, $800, merchandise.

Mower County Senior Center, $500, landscaping.

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