AUSTIN EDITION Child survives crash that killed parents, brother

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MANKATO -- At the funeral for his parents and newborn brother, 2-year-old Seth Hansford Day took the hand of his grandfather and watched curiously.

He was too young to understand.

Seth's parents and brother were killed in a July 13 head-on collision near Lafayette. Seth suffered deep lacerations to his head, a broken collarbone and a broken hand. He was released Tuesday from Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester.

Seth Abram Day, 21, his wife, Darcy, 23, and 4-day-old Simon Day died at the scene.


"I had a part in the graveside services, and I saw him there with his family," the Rev. Oliver Sandahl said of Wednesday's funeral. "He had cuts and he was bruised, and his scalp was sewn up from the accident, but we're all positive he'll recover. The whole family is holding strong and doing well, considering."

The Days' 1996 Buick Century was headed southbound and veered into the oncoming lane when it collided with a Winnebago.

Christie Weyer, of Royalton, witnessed the accident and pulled the two young children out of the car after the crash.

"I went up to the car and saw that the two parents weren't OK, and all we could hear was Seth crying in the back," Weyer said. "It's a picture I'll never get out of my head."

Seth, who has stitches lining his forehead, is living with his grandparents -- the Rev. Lance Ketchum and his wife, Patty -- in Hutchinson.

"All of our family are born-again Christians, so we take comfort in that and rejoice through our tears," Ketchum said. "We're all doing well because we know where they are at now."

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