September was the College of Regents month with Kelly Crilly as chairwoman.

At the chapter meeting, three new members were enrolled, and a co-worker was re-enrolled. They are Linda Butler, Tina Wiersma, Amy Morgan and Julie Mullenbach. Their sponsors are Lori Anderson, Vickie Morgan and Lucella Michelis.

One new member, Heidi Mullenbach, was enrolled at the Oct. 14 chapter meeting. Her sponsor was Lucella Michelis. This was the month for "Child City," Mooseheart. We sent money for Christmas photo cards for the students to give their family and friends, for decorating the school and for a special gift for each child. This is also done for Moosehaven, our "Senior Resident Home" in Florida. Bonnie Graff was the chairwoman for the month.

The annual bazaar was in October. Money raised went to the annual scholarship to be given to a student attending college.

November was our Star Recorder's month with Debra Kahler as the chairwoman. Two new members were at the chapter meeting on Nov. 11. They are Joni Halverson and Irene Morgan, with Lori Anderson and Adeline Cochlin as their sponsors.


There was a special enrollment for our Ways and Means Committee on Dec. 6. Lori Anderson was in charge, and Bonny Bishop and Mary Jannings were enrolled as new members. Adeline Cochlin was their sponsor.

Co-workers had a potluck supper and gift exchange at the chapter meeting Dec. 9. This was followed by the chapter meeting with Julie Borgen being enrolled as a co-worker. Lori Anderson was her sponsor.

Also in December, the Academy of Friendship had a Christmas get-together on Dec. 15, with a meal and gift exchange.

January was Educational Advancement month with Barbra Spencer as the chairwoman. Dorene Boettner was enrolled as a new co-worker, and Lori Anderson was her sponsor.

On Feb. 10, we re-enrolled Monica Rollie; her sponsor was Lucella Michels. This is Moosehaven month, and Susan Olson was chairwoman. This is also the month that we have the mid-year conference. It is to be Feb. 19-22 in Duluth. Some of the chapter members will be attending this conference.

The annual convention will be at our Moose Lodge in September, and we will be in need of help.

Duplicate bridge

Duplicate bridge was played Feb. 18 at Twin Towers in downtown Austin. Sheryl Ehlke and Fred Langrock were first; Kathy and Richard Paul, and Bob Enright and Phil Lippert tied for second; Eunice Michaelis and Warren Behrends were fourth.


Duplicate bridge is played at 1 p.m. each Wednesday, and all players are invited.

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