AUSTIN EDITION COL District focuses on goals

As we enter into the New Year, will it somehow be different? Will the fresh, invigorating January motivate us to be better? Will we keep those many New Year's resolutions? Will our resolve to change be stronger than it has been in the past?

One of the most difficult tasks that faces Austin Public Schools is that of changing to meet the current and future needs of our students. To help guide us in meeting the needs of our students, the district follows a set of goals that has been established for the 2005-2006 school year. The following goals serve as a road map for school district change:

Goal 1: Improve districtwide student academic achievement and success.

Goal 2: Increase participation in school district activities by students in all demographic areas.

Goal 3: Address how we educate and respond to student health needs including the use of alcohol and other drugs.


Goal 4: Improve the connection and relationship between the district and community stakeholders.

Goal 5: The school district shall design and implement plans, processes, practices and procedures to maintain the fiscal integrity of the organization, including an adequate fund balance and preservation of quality programs and services.

The efforts of those employed in the district are helping our organization in achieving these goals. Each site and department in the district has strategies linked directly to achieving these goals. This unified effort will result in the types of changes necessary to meet students' needs.

This year promises to be an exciting and challenging year for the district's staff and school board. Please join with us as we demonstrate how we can achieve our annual goals and meet the needs of our students.

Candace Raskin is the superintendent of Austin Public Schools.

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