AUSTIN EDITION COL When puppy or kitty wanders, here's how to find it

By Nini Johnson

Have you found or lost a pet and don't know what to do? There are ways to notify the public, cost free, including local media outlets.

And don't forget the more obvious places such as law enforcement, the Humane Society and local veterinary clinics.

If the found pet was injured, some good Samaritan might have brought it to a vet.

Searching for small dogs


During November, 13 dogs and 14 cats were adopted from the shelter. There are many requests for small dogs, but very few of those come through the Friends in Need Shelter. In search of a miniature canine, you might have better luck checking the veterinary clinics, where there is space to keep them for a time. And don't forget to check their bulletin boards.


Memorials recently were received in memory of Lorraine Hagen, Jake Raber, Eugene Roden, Michael Weins, and the Jeff Daniels family dog, Pepper.

Fundraiser Feb. 19

The next fundraising event is scheduled for 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Feb. 19. This is the annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction and will be at the Holiday Inn in Austin. We welcome donations for the auctions. Call the shelter at 437-9262 or stop by if you wish to contribute something for the sale.

There'll be lots of good food, items to purchase and live entertainment by Rush Hour.

Pets get pet food

As the holidays approach, remember the safety tips for kids and pets alike.


Know your pets and don't leave them alone with lit candles, light strings or toxic plants such as poinsettias. The water in tree stands for live trees is bad, too, but dogs don't agree.

Also, pay attention to what foods and "junk" they are offered. Dogs will hang at your side, drooling and yearning for a taste of what we eat. Give them treats too, but give them treats meant for them, not sweets and fatty things. Ham or pre-basted turkey, for instance, can cause stomach upsets. Be kind to your animal, don't let those glowing eyes and drooling mouth get to you.

Here is wishing you a safe and peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Nini Johnson is volunteer with the Mower County Humane Society, 1010 10th Drive S.E., Austin.

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