AUSTIN EDITION - Do you know where to vote?


To determine your voting precinct, call Austin's city clerk at 437-9940 or the Mower County auditor at 437-9535.

By Tim Ruzek

Tuesday is primary day -- the first hurdle for candidates before the Nov. 7 general election.


It's a state primary with four local primary elections happening in Austin.

City primary races are for mayor, 2nd Ward and 3rd Ward.

Mower County's 5th District commissioner seat, which covers parts of Austin's 1st and 2nd precincts, also will have a primary.

Here's some information to help with voting on Tuesday:

When to vote

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday in Austin. Election results should be available around 8:30 p.m., City Clerk Lucy Johnson said.

Voting locations will remain at the same places they've been the past six years, she said. Seven voting stations will be at each precinct; 14 will be at every one for the general election.

Lines to vote shouldn't be bad, Johnson said, adding, "It moves along pretty fast."


Where to vote

In the 1st Ward, first-precinct voters should go to the Austin Public Library, 323 Fourth Ave. N.E.

Those in the 1st Ward's second precinct need to go to Hastings Gym on the south end of Austin High School, 301 Third St. N.W. Voters should try to vote there at times when buses won't be dropping off or picking up students, Johnson said.

Voters in the 2nd Ward's first precinct need to go to Southgate Elementary School, 1601 19th Ave. S.W. The second precinct will be at Banfield Elementary School, 301 17th St. S.W.

For the 3rd Ward, the first precinct poll will be at Woodson Kindergarten Center, 1601 Fourth St. S.E. The second precinct will be at Ellis Middle School, 1700 Fourth Ave. S.E.

How to vote

If you're already a registered voter in your precinct, you'll only need to sign in and vote, Johnson said.

For those who haven't registered, you'll need to bring proof of your residency, such as a Minnesota driver's license, permit or ID card showing your current address. Otherwise, a bill in your name from within the past month -- such as for cable, cell phone, electricity or garbage -- can be used to prove your current residence and photo identification.


If you don't have identification or a bill in your name, someone who's registered in the same precinct and knows where you live -- a spouse or neighbor, for example -- also can sign an affidavit to vouch for you. That's done quite a bit, Johnson said.

It's too late to pre-register before Tuesday's primary but, if you don't vote in the primary, you'll be able to pre-register before the general election at the county auditor's office in the courthouse.

After the primary, pre-registration will restart Wednesday and run until Oct. 17.

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