AUSTIN EDITION -- Hernandez still holds lead

Despite crash, racer is Midwest Mods leader

LANSING --Bryan Hernandez of Blooming Prairie, with back-to-back sweeps the previous two weeks in the Wissota Midwest Modified division, won a heat race Friday at Chateau Speedway, but he failed to win the feature.

Hernandez got caught up in a tangle of cars on the second lap of the feature and damaged his car. Kenny Wytaske took advantage off a late restart and with just three laps to go he moved to the front and claimed his third feature win of the season.

In Mod Lite action, Brian Shaw continues to have a feast or famine type of season. Shaw scored his seventh feature win of the season as he came out of row four to the front in just four laps.

Despite the win total, is just third in points because of some tough nights where he fell out early. He's also missed one night of racing. Brian's brother, Craig Shaw of Elkton, chased his brother home for second-place after winning one of the night's two heats.


Ken Boeding scored his seventh feature win this season in the Mini Sprints feature. He started 10th in the field and worked his way to the front by the mid-point of the race.

Brad Erickson won the Pure Stocks feature in a race that featured four yellow flags before the first lap was completed.

The Wissota Street Stock feature was the closest of the night as the top seven cars stayed nose-to-tail and swapped positions all the way to the checkered flag. Jeff Brauer won the race.

The Open Class Modified feature wrapped up the night's racing with Jimmy Davis drawing front row and using it to his advantage to lead flag-to-flag for his second feature win of the year.

Pure Stock

First heat -- 1. Josh Mattick, Lyle; 2. Craig Hansen, Ellendale; 3. Dave Stevens, Albert Lea. Second heat -- 1. Bobby Crews, Austin; 2. Brad Erickson, Chatfield; 3. Tom Kaiser, Waseca. Feature -- 1. Erickson; 2. Korey Ackman, St. Charles; 3. Stevens; 4. Al Lisowski, Claremont; 5. Shane Christianson, Elysian; 6. Mike Hander, Rochester; 7. Rod Wehr, Austin; 8. Kaiser; 9. Crews; 10. Hansen.

Mod Lite

First heat -- 1. Tate Bestor, Harmony; 2. Craig Shaw, Elkton; 3. Mark Lang, Austin. Second heat -- 1. Brian Shaw, Brownsdale; 2. Dave Lewison, Adams; 3. Dan Wendt, Spring Valley. Feature -- 1. B.Shaw; 2. C.Shaw; 3. Roni Van Riper, Glenville; 4. Jeff Jech, Austin; 5. Wendt; 6. Bestor; 7. Lang; 8. Jeremy Anderson, Faribault; 9. Shayne Johnson, Austin; 10. Brian Kiehne, Harmony.


Midwest Modified

First heat -- 1. Bryan Hernandez, Blooming Prairie; 2. Jerry Lisowski, Ellendale; 3. Ron Skalicky, Claremont. Second heat -- 1. Eric Condit, Austin; 2. Dain Schultz, Owatonna; 3. Mark Oftedahl, Hanley Falls. Third heat -- 1. Jade Anderson, Owatonna; 2. Ryan Weber, Ellendale; 3. Mike Bartsch, Dodge Center. Fourth heat -- 1. Kenny Wytaske, Brownsdale; 2. Dan Fagerlind, Dover; 3. Jerry Young, Blooming Prairie. Consy -- 1. Neil Eckhart, Rochester; 2. Justin Jenson, Albert Lea; 3. Doug Ferguson, Winona. Feature -- 1. Wytaske; 2. Eckhart; 3. Weber; 4. Young; 5. Fagerlind; 6. Schultz; 7. Greg Pfeifer Jr, Austin; 8. Larry Nelson, Freeborn; 9. Condit; 10. Skalicky.

Street Stock

First heat -- 1. Deven Sutter, Lyle; 2. Steve Eischens, Taopi; 3. Jeff Brauer, Rochester. Second heat -- 1. Jeremy Thorstenson, Aberdeen, SD; 2. Steve Goodenough, Mazeppa; 3. Lee Skjervem, Austin. Feature -- 1. Brauer; 2. Skjervem; 3. Thorstenson; 4. Jim Phillips, Watertown SD; 5. Mitch Thompson, New Richland; 6. Eischens; 7. Goodenough; 8. Sutter; 9. Wayne Barber, New Richland; 10. Bruce Radel, Owatonna.

Mini Sprint

First heat -- 1. Randy Kreuger, Rochester; 2. Tom Brown, Wonder Lake, Ill.; 3. Barth Crane, Rochester. Second heat -- 1. Ken Boeding, New Hampton, IA; 2. Pat Halsey, Rochester; 3. Kevin Nickle, Vandais Heights. Feature -- 1. Boeding; 2. Crane; 3. Kreuger; 4. Brown; 5. Nickle; 6. Halsey; 7. Ryan Payne, Buffalo; 8. Shannon Edd, Rochester; 9. Pat Quigley, Fredricksburg, IA; 10. Todd Harpster, Mounds View.

Open Modified

First heat -- 1. Jason Slegh, Lansing; 2. Jimmy Davis, Janesville; 3. Bobby Sorenson, Rochester. Second heat -- 1. Albert Wytaske, Lansing; 2. Todd Scharkey, Kasson; 3. Joel Lisowski, Blooming Prairie. Feature -- 1. Davis; 2. Sorenson; 3. Scharkey; 4. Lisowski; 5. Slegh; 6. Dennis Hilson, Blooming Prairie; 7. Mike Mehling, Grand Meadow; 8. Jason Gabrielson, Austin; 9. Ronnie Ross, Brownsdale; 10. Wally Bustad, Austin.

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