AUSTIN EDITION Lone candidate files for election to 3rd Ward seat

From staff reports

On the last day possible, someone finally filed for election to one of Austin City Council's 3rd Ward seats.

Robert Houston, 702 Eighth Ave. S.E., filed this morning in Austin's Municipal Building for council member Gloria Nordin's 3rd Ward seat. Today's the last day to file for elected office.

Out of the five city positions up for election this year, the 3rd Ward seat was the only one that didn't have any candidates until today.

In her 28 years of handling city elections in Austin, City Clerk Lucy Johnson said she has never seen a position that didn't have at least one candidate who filed for election.


If Houston hadn't filed for the seat, it would've had to be filled by whomever got the most write-in votes during the November general election, Johnson said.

Nordin has served in the 3rd Ward council seat for eight years but decided to pursue the mayoral office this fall. So far she's one of five candidates for that position.

The 3rd Ward predominantly covers the city's east side.

In 2002, Nordin won re-election for her council seat in an uncontested bid. Four years prior, Nordin defeated Douglas Murphy, 1,544-903.

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