AUSTIN EDITION Money taken from grocery

From staff reports

An undetermined amount of money was taken from a safe at Jim's SuperValu grocery store on 104 11th St. S.E. sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Jim Baldus, the owner of the business, called police Thursday after he arrived at the store and noticed the safe had been burglarized.

A rectangle had been cut out of the right side of the safe, which held two blue Sterling Bank security bags and a zippered blue and gray pouch. The two blue bags were ripped opened and left behind empty; a third bag still is missing, police said.

Police found no sign of forced entry and believe the thief or thieves entered the store before it closed and hid in the back warehouse until employees left.


The bar used to lock the southwest door was found sitting next to the door. The door is not locked until the store closes, police were told.

Police Capt. Curt Rude, said a drill and grinder likely were used to cut open the safe.

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