AUSTIN EDITION Nude man arrested downtown

From staff reports

A 21-year-old was arrested after allegedly walking naked shortly after midnight today in downtown Austin.

A police officer noticed the man around 12:15 a.m. crossing North Main Street, heading west on Fourth Avenue Northwest while using a crosswalk, Police Chief Paul Philipp said. Other vehicles were driving by at the time, he said.

The man, whose address is unknown, ignored the orders to stop from several officers, Philipp said. He kept walking and saying there was no problem as well as rambling incoherent phrases and speaking Spanish, he said.

Police took him to Austin Medical Center, where he became delusional, making religious proclamations and praying before becoming combative, Philipp said. He later pulled out a catheter line from himself with his feet, he said.


The man was admitted to the hospital for mental illness, the chief said.

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