AUSTIN EDITION Police: Man caught trying to steal squad car's plates

From staff reports

An Austin man celebrated his 22nd birthday Thursday by allegedly trying to pull the rear license plate from a police squad car.

An Austin police officer found the man tampering with the back of the squad car around 9:55 p.m., Capt. Curt Rude said. The officer had just walked out of Mandolin Apartments, 201 31st St. S.W., after responding to a harassment order.

Upon seeing the officer, the man began walking quickly away, Rude said.

The officer went to the back of the vehicle and saw that the license plate, which has "Police" written on it, had been bent, Rude said.


The officer confronted the suspect, and the man initially denied any involvement, Rude said.

Eventually he admitted trying to steal the license plate and "acting stupid" on his birthday, Rude said. He was apologetic to the officer, he said.

The officer cited the man for criminal damage to property and tampering with a motor vehicle, Rude said.

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