AUSTIN EDITION Southland basketball coaches resign

Other time demands lead Storey, Suess to step down

By Guy N. Limbeck

Both the Southland varsity basketball coaches have resigned since the end of the season.

Greg Storey has stepped down after six seasons as the boys basketball coach. Slone Suess leaves the Rebels after two seasons. Both will remain as teachers in the Southland school district and both cited the time commitment as the major reason for leaving.


"I'm going back to school to get my Masters and I just can't coach and do that," Storey said.

Storey, 37, will continue to coach the youth boys in grades 1-6 and may also add the youth girls starting next season.

"I think our program has come a long way," Storey said. "The youth program is in good shape."

Storey had a 71-73 record in six varsity seasons at Southland, including an SEC championship in 2001-2000. The overall mark included a tough 5-19 record his first season.

Storey also enjoys competing in ironman triathlons. His goal is to qualify for the prestigious Hawaiian Ironman in the near future. To do that he would have to place in the top 10 out of about 300 competitors in his age group in a qualifying triathlon in Madison, Wis.

"I just have no time to train," Storey said of his coaching schedule. "It gets frustrating because it takes so much time."

Time spent coaching for Suess was time away from her family. She and her husband, Bryan, have a pair of young children, ages 2 and two months.

"It's just the time thing," Suess said. "I enjoyed it and hope to get back in it."


Suess spent two years as Austin High's girls varsity basketball coach before taking over at Southland. The 31-year-old had a 16-32 record with the Rebels, including 5-20 this past season.

"That didn't really play a factor in it," she said of leaving after the tough season. "I enjoyed it and had great kids to work with and parents and the administration. I'm kind of sad to give it up."

The Rebels moved from the SEC to the Three Rivers Conference this past season. Suess said that added more travel time on road trips.

"You'd leave at four (p.m.) and wouldn't get home until midnight," she said.

"And to be competitive it takes a lot of time, even in the summer," she added.

Both Storey and Suess said they would like to return to coaching again in the future.

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