AUSTIN EDITION -- Woman guilty of tot's murder

By Janice Gregorson

A guilty verdict brought little personal satisfaction to the parents of Sabrina Elizabeth Lee, who held hands as they slipped out of the Olmsted County Courthouse Tuesday evening.

Drs. Gwo-Chin and Astrid Woodward-Lee had just heard a jury find Marilyn Erickson guilty of killing their 18-month-old daughter at a home day care center last June.

The Lees, both doctors and residents at Mayo Clinic, have declined to make any public comments since the tragedy that claimed the life of their only child. Now expecting their second child, the couple said through a victm services advocate that they were pleased with the verdict, but also said it comes with little personal satisfaction. They said they hope this case raises awareness about child abuse.


Jurors deliberated about 41⁄2; hours before returning their verdict, which was read at 6:30 p.m. The panel found Erickson, 54, guilty of one count of second-degree murder and not guilty of a second count. She faces a 121⁄2-year; prison sentence. No sentencing date has been set.

Jurors found Erickson guilty on the murder count that said she caused the death while committing malicious punishment of a child. She was found not guilty of killing Sabrina while committing felony assault.

Doctors treating Sabrina said she died from massive head injuries consistent with having been shaken.

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