Austin Wi-Fi now available

By Karen Colbenson

Post-Bulletin, Austin MN

The citywide wireless Internet project in Austin is complete.

After more than two years of working on the project, Austin Utilities has announced that high-speed wireless Internet is now available to Austin customers through Southern Minnesota Internet Group.

According to Jerry McCarthy, general manager of Austin Utilities, which partnered with SMIG on the project, more than 270 people have already signed up for the service, with many more still waiting to be connected.


The $1.2 million project originally was scheduled to be installed and operational throughout the city by December 2007 but was repeatedly delayed because of inefficient equipment.

Kim Duncomb, a representative of Austin Utilities, said the new equipment passed final testing last month.

The wireless service covers all eight zones of the city, with 425 access points.

Information on wireless packages, available at SMIG’s office, lists prices as $19.99 for 128K speed, $24.99 for 1M speed or $34.99 for 3M speed.

Austin Utilities will now begin working with SMIG on advertisements and brochures to promote the service, said Duncomb.

For more information, go to

Southern Minnesota Internet Group

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