Baseball | Hiawatha Valley League schedule

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN 


Tuesday, April 1 —

New Richland-H-E-G at Triton.  

Thursday, April 3 —


Lake City at Ellsworth, Wis.   

Friday, April 4 —

Medford at Triton; Randolph at Cannon Falls; Houston at Goodhue. 

Monday, April 7 —

Byron at Lake City; Winona Cotter at Triton.

Tuesday, April 8 —

Hayfield at Goodhue; Stewartville at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; La Crescent at Pine Island; Kasson-Mantorville at Cannon Falls.

Thursday, April 10 —


Pine Island at Triton; Hayfield at Stewartville; Lake City at Goodhue; Byron at Kasson-Mantorville; Cannon Falls at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Kenyon-Wanamingo at La Crescent; Winona Cotter at Lourdes (Hudson Field).   

Friday, April 11 —

Goodhue at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Lourdes at Hayfield; Pine Island at Byron; Triton at Kenyon-Wanamingo; Stewartville at Winona Cotter.

Saturday, April 12 —

Kasson-Mantorville at Sleepy Eye St. Mary's Invitational, 10 a.m.

Monday, April 14 —

Kenyon-Wanamingo at Pine Island; Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Lake City; Kasson-Mantorville at Stewartville; Cannon Falls at Triton; Randolph at Hayfield; Goodhue at Lourdes (Mayo Field); La Crescent at Byron.

Tuesday, April 15 —


Bethlehem Academy at Triton; Winona Cotter at la Crosse Aquinas; Houston at Pine Island; Hayfield at Cannon Falls; Kenyon-Wanamingo at New Richland-HEG.  

Thursday, April 17 —

Cannon Falls at Pine Island (2); Byron at Stewartville (2); Triton at Goodhue (2); Kenyon-Wanamingo at Zumbrota-Mazeppa (2); La Crescent at Hayfield (2); Kasson-Mantorville at Lourdes (2, Hudson Field); Lake City at Winona Cotter (2).      

Friday, April 18 —

Kenyon-Wanamingo at Randolph; Winona Cotter at St. Anthony Village; Kasson-Mantorville at Stewartville; Lourdes at Cannon Falls. 

Saturday, April 19 —

Byron at United South Central; Pine Island at Montgomery Lonsdale; La Crescent at Holmen, Wis.; Houston at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Winona Cotter at Minnehaha Academy (Ft. Snelling).

Monday, April 21 —


Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Hayfield; Pine Island at Goodhue; Lake City at Triton; Kasson-Mantorville at Stewartville; Cannon Falls at Kenyon-Wanamingo.    

Tuesday, April 22 —

Maranatha Christian Academy at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Lourdes at La Crescent; Cannon Falls at Stewartville; Hayfield at Kasson-Mantorville; Winona Cotter at Byron.  

Thursday, April 24 —

Triton at Kasson-Mantorville; Kenyon-Wanamingo at Lake City; Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Pine Island; Hayfield at Byron; Goodhue at Cannon Falls; La Crescent at Winona Cotter; Stewartville at Lourdes (Hudson Field).  

Friday, April 25 —

Triton at Pine Island; Goodhue at Lake City; Stewartville at Kenyon-Wanamingo; Byron at Winona Cotter; Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Cannon Falls.

Saturday, April 26 —


Mabel-Canton, McDonell Central, Wis., Stewartville at Lake City Invitational, 9 a.m.; Prescott at Pine Island High School; Lourdes at Holy Family Catholic; La Crescent at Onalaska.

Monday, April 28 —

Lourdes at Lake City; Winona Cotter at Stewartville; Byron at Hayfield.

Tuesday, April 29 —

Stewartville at Hayfield; Lake City at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Byron at La Crescent; Triton at Cannon Falls; Kasson-Mantorville at Goodhue; Pine Island at Kenyon-Wanamingo; Lourdes at Winona Cotter. 

Thursday, May 1 —

Kenyon-Wanamingo at Triton; La Crescent at Kasson-Mantorville.

Friday, May 2 —


Lourdes at Byron (2); Winona Cotter at Kasson-Mantorville (2); Stewartville at La Crescent (2); Kenyon-Wanamingo at Medford (2); Hayfield at Pine Island (2); Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Goodhue; Lake City at Cannon Falls (2).  

Saturday, May 3 —

Ellsworth, Wis., at Cannon Falls.

Monday, May 5 —

Goodhue at Pine Island; Triton at Lake City; Kasson-Mantorville at Hayfield; La Crescent at Lourdes (Mayo Field); Kenyon-Wanamingo at Cannon Falls; Winona Cotter at Zumbrota-Mazeppa.    

Tuesday, May 6 —

Lourdes at Kenyon-Wanamingo; Randolph at Goodhue; Kasson-Mantorville at La Crescent. 

Thursday, May 8 —

Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Triton (2); Goodhue at Kenyon-Wanamingo (2); Hayfield at Lourdes (Hudson Field); Stewartville at Kasson-Mantorville; Byron at Cannon Falls; Pine Island at Lake City.

Friday, May 9 —

Houston, Mabel-Canton, Goodhue at Stewartville Invitational; Blooming Prairie at Kenyon-Wanamingo; Winona Cotter at La Crescent.

Saturday, May 10 —

Hayfield, Byron, FBA at Medford Invitational, 10 a.m.; Lake City at Lourdes (2, Hudson Field); La Crosse Logan at LaCrescent; Ellsworth, Wis. at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Onalaska at Winona Cotter. 

Monday, May 12 —

Blooming Prairie at Kasson-Mantorville; Lourdes at Pine Island.

Tuesday, May 13 —

Hayfield at Winona Cotter (2); La Crescent at Triton; Cannon Falls at Goodhue; Lourdes at Stewartville; Pine Island at Zumbrota-Mazeppa; Kasson-Mantorville at Byron; Lake City at Kenyon-Wanamingo.   

Thursday, May 15 —

Triton at Blooming Prairie; Kenyon-Wanamingo at Kasson-Mantorville.

Friday, May 16 —

Cannon Falls at La Crescent; Pine Island at Stewartville; Lake City at Hayfield; Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Byron; Goodhue at Winona Cotter; Triton at Lourdes (Hudson Field).


Top returning hitters

(Based on 2007 batting average)

Tom Gores, Lourdes .463

Sean Wingfield, Z-M .458

Brett Watson, Goodhue .447

Derek Kubicek, LaCrescent .442

Micah Huneke, Goodhue .419

Mikko Norman, Stewartville .416

Tyler Lindhart, Z-M .400

Nick Liffrig, Z-M .400

Nate Nelson, Stewartville .385

MacEagon Voyce, Hayfield .374

Darin Wagner, Hayfield .367

Cory Hedeen, Cannon Falls .358

Eddie Fricker, Stewartville .357

Angel Talamantes, Byron .355

Top returning pitchers

(Based on 2007 W-L, ERA)

Thomas O’Brien, Cotter 4-2, 1.56

Tim Verthein, LaCrescent 3-1, 1.70

L. Hendrickson, Lourdes 2-0, 1.91

Eddie Fricker, Stewartville 4-2, 1.92

Brandon Verthein, LaC 7-1, 2.00

Cory Hedeen, Can. Falls 2-5, 2.35

Matt Smith, Stewartville 4-2, 2.49

Dustin Cook, PIne Island 3-5, 2.94

Micah Huneke, Goodhue 4-1, 3.50

MacEagon Voyce, Hay. 2-3, 3.50

Jared Woodward, C.Falls 2-4, 3.67

Jeremy McNamara, P.I. 2-3, 3.94

Christian Unger, K-M 3-2, 3.99

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