Be careful faxing financial info

By Heloise Cruse

King Features Syndicate

DEAR READERS: Guess what came into my office by mistake? A credit-card authorization form for winter lodging at a resort. It included a name, credit-card number, expiration date and even a security code. My fax number must be off by a number or two.

Our dilemma was that the pages were smudged and off-center, so there was no phone number for either party that could be read. We found the resort location, called it, double-checked the fax number and then faxed on the paperwork, plus called to be sure the resort got it.

Heloise Hint: If you are faxing anything financial, be sure you have the right number, and, as a precaution, call to be sure it arrived. — Heloise


DEAR HELOISE: Just received a new phone book? Don’t toss the old one:

  • Use as a booster seat for young children.
  • Keep in the trunk of your car so you can look up a number or address when you’re out and about.
  • Use the pages for packing material.
  • Take to a recycling area -- don’t put it in your household garbage.

— A Reader, via e-mail
DEAR HELOISE: Here is a favorite hint: For leftover wrapping paper on a roll, roll it back up and stick it inside the tube. This way, you don’t waste any paper, and you have pieces ready for small gifts. — C. Gallop, Amory, Miss.

DEAR HELOISE: I have "blown" ceilings throughout my house from the ’80s. The vents are also in the ceilings. This makes for a terrible dust bunny problem, as you can imagine. I tried removing the dust that clung to the ceiling with the vacuum attachment, with no luck. The only thing I found to work wonders was compressed air in a can that I use on my computer keyboard. Problem solved. — Monica Hoffman, Morgan City, La.

DEAR HELOISE: I, too, have a good and simple trick to make your hands smell fresh after cutting onions. A little dab of toothpaste will do the trick. Rub toothpaste on your fingertips and rinse. It’s easy, and everyone has toothpaste in the house. — Ute in Florida

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