Bianchi — Early morning workouts can be the best

This morning I awoke at my usual early hour.

Once awake, and after a hurried trip down the hall to the bathroon — something you’re familiar with if you are about my age, it is senseless to return to bed in hopes of getting more shuteye.

If just won’t happen. Rather, I am wide awake thinking about what the day will bring or what to start first. On this particular morning, my conscience was starting to prick a bit.

I was due to go to the fitness center. It’s not a bad thing to do, but it is always easier to find something to do in its place. Priorities, you know. If I don’t go early in the day, it often doesn’t get done. So today, I decided to get it over with.

I would have to say, it was earlier than usual for me to be exercising. Yet as I trudged along on the treadmill, the minutes flew by. Although the center is located in the heart of town, large windows allow one to see the outside. The sun was just coming over the horizon, and the sky was gorgeous. In the distance I could see clouds of steam rising, a sign that factories were in full swing. They never shutdown.


It was about now that the night crews were heading home to bed and the day help starting their shift. Not the perfect job, shifts that is, but a job nevertheless.

It’s normal to see anyone who uses a fitness center wearing headphones and watching TV in an effort to make the time go faster. And I do too, sometimes. There are often times when I find it more annoying instead of uplifting. Early morning programs routinely carry plenty of weather reports. But if one just opens the door it isn’t hard to tell what it’s like outside.

Plus, I can’t do much about the weather anyway. The early morning shows include updates on urban road conditions and accidents. Not very interesting, yet a reason to be thankful that we live in a small community and can usually get where we want when we want.

News from our own country usually starts and ends with the latest in the field of politics. It’s disheartening that so much time and money is spent on electing a new leader, when basically any of the candidates might do a fairly good job. Unlike elsewhere, when one bad dictator follows another, such as is happening in Cuba. How depressing for those people.

Elsewhere around the world on TV it often seems the channels just run reruns each day. Seldom does a day go by without pictures taken in Third World countries of starving human beings. In this country we are constantly reminded to exercise in order to stay in shape. Shame on us. Likewise, news broadcasts tell of terror in the night-time as well as each day: Bombings, raids, mass murders, and unbelievable torturing.

So I guess that’s why on this particular morning I choose not to watch the TV set in front of me. The morning was cold and crisp. The sky beautiful. The sight of smoke and steam came from factories, not air raids. People were coming out of warm homes, heading for jobs. Cars were moving. Although gas prices are higher than we like, it’s still available. School buses were taking our children to good schools, something that would be a luxury to others.

So much to be thankful for. And all of this came into my mind by just looking out a window along a single block in our great little community. It’s going to be a great day!

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