Bill will improve air safety

The Rochester Airport air traffic controllers would like to thank Congressman Tim Walz for his support of the House FAA Reauthorization Bill (H.R. 915) which passed on May 21.

This important legislation not only paves the way for the implementation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, but addresses key issues regarding the stability of the air traffic controller work force, the inclusion of controllers as key stakeholders in the system and the realignment of FAA facilities and controller staffing levels.

This bill is another sign of progress in modernizing the system in a safe, smart, transparent and collaborative manner.

The bill also institutes a new and long overdue level of reform and accountability of the actions of the FAA in how it treats its responsibility to its employees, the National Airspace System and the safety of the flying public, its true customers.

Our nation’s air traffic controllers want to be involved in improving the safety and efficiency of air travel. As subject matter experts on the front lines of the air travel system, we stand ready to assist and will continue to serve air travelers by ensuring their safety.


Reed Miller

National Air Traffic Controllers Association


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