U.S. corn exports surging ahead of last year’s pace

WASHINGTON — U.S. corn exports are surging this year despite high market prices, reports the U.S. Grains Council.

Corn exports have increased significantly to Canada, Algeria and South Korea.

Algeria’s corn imports have grown from 25.7 million bushels to 39.4 million bushels and South Korea’s corn imports have increased from 74.8 million bushels to 181 million bushels. Canada has imported 43.3 million bushels compared to the previous year’s 23.8 million bushels.

Stallman wants Section 32 pork purchases


WASHINGTON — The American Farm Bureau is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make additional Section 32 purchases of pork to help provide some stability in the pork sector.

"Additional Section 32 purchases would help the pork industry at this critical time,’’ AFBF president Bob Stallman wrote to ag secretary Ed Schafer. "We request that you evaluate such a purchase for the benefits that it would provide both producers and consumers.’’

Section 32 is a permanent appropriation that USDA uses to support non-farm program commodities while enhancing nutrition programs.

Jerseys are first in Productive Life

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — Based on the USDA genetic summaries released April 3, Jersey remains first for Productive Life among the six dairy breeds evaluated in the United States.

Data published by the USDA Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory show that for cows born in the years 1997 through 2001, Jerseys have the longest average productive life of 33.7 months, or 1,028 days. A total of 196,713 Jersey cows were included in the evaluations.

By comparison, the weighted average Productive Life for 3.2 million cows of the other five breeds (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein and Milking Shorthorn) and born in the same five-year period was 27.7 months, or 844 days.

Bayer, Monsanto enter new agreement


ST. LOUIS — Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Company have entered into an exclusive agreement on a new fungicide treatment for corn.

The treatment, which is expected to be commercialized in conjunction with the planned launch of Monsanto’s SmartStax seed offering in 2010, will provide corn producers with significant improvement in early-season protection against seedling diseases and insects.

The new seed treatment will be based on the Bayer CropScience product Vortex, a new fungicide.

Grain Exchange hires Rita Maloney

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis Grain Exchange has hired Rita Maloney as manager of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations.

Most recently, Rita worked at WCCO radio where she was business editor and anchor and was instrumental in the development and coordination of the All-business Talk Radio Format on KCCO.

"With the growth MGEX has seen we have a chance to promote the Exchange through numerous outlets," said Mark Bagan, President and CEO of the exchange. "Rita’s experience in the media industry makes her an incredible asset. She will lead our efforts to continue to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace."

Hubbard introduces all-natural poultry feeds


MANKATO, Minn. — Hubbard Feeds has introduced Homestead Poultry Feeds, a line of all-natural poultry feeds formulated with grains balanced with minerals and vitamins for healthy and productive backyard flocks.

 "We’ve seen an emerging interest in all-natural feeds for all different species," said Mike Watson, Homestead Feeds Business development manager.

The six products in the Homestead Poultry Feeds line use a color-coded packaging and information system to make it convenient for those raising chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys to determine the right all-natural and balanced feed choice, from the moment the birds hatch through all stages of growth.

Kubota introduces 59-horsepower tractor backhoe

TORRANCE, Calif. — Kubota has introduced a high-performance M59 power utility, 59-horsepower tractor backhoe.

The M59 features an integral mainframe to absorb the requirements of loader and backhoe work.

The diesel engine allows increased airflow into the combustion chamber and increases efficiency. The M59’s HST-Plus hydrostatic transmission provides control of both the HST pump and motor with key features including hydro dual speed, load-sensing ability, HST response control and auto throttle advance.

Number of cows on DHI records has increased


SAN ANTONIO — For the fourth straight year, the number of U.S. dairy cows on Dairy Herd Improvement programs increased from 4,071 million cows in 2003 to 4.415 million cows in 2007.

National DHIA president Mark Adams said the growth amounted to 8.4 percent growth.

Adams reported that a recent dairy business analysis summary showed that the average expense for DHI records is now less than 0.5 percent of all expenses on the average dairy. DHI records account for business decisions that affect 42 percent of the total dairy expenses and 84 percent of the average dairy farm’s income.

New product cleans algae from fresh-water ponds

REGINA, Canada — Superior Windmill of Regina says it has produced an all-natural pond cleaner that screens-out algae.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is billed as a natural, non-toxic product comprised of natually beneficial organisms that screens algae scum and unwanted weeds and other oxygen-depleting biological materials.

"Algae problems have become epidemic in fresh water lakes and ponds,’’ said Doug Hicks, vice president of sales and marketing for Superior Windmill. "Nature’s Pond Conditioner is able to regulate the algae and resulting nutrient buildup in fresh water bodies, thereby heading off the fish kills, threats to livestock and wildlife.’’

FMC Corporation marketing new herbicide


PHILADELPHIA — FMC Corporation is marketing a new herbicide. Cadet is designed to control velvetleaf, lambsquarters, waterhemp and nightshade.

Cadet can be tank-mixed with a variety of other herbicides — including glyphosate to provide a broad spectrum of weed control.

The active ingredient in Cadet — fluthiacet-methyl — was discovered and developed by Kumiai Chemical Industry Co.

John Deere, IRON reach an agreement

LENEXA, Kans. — John Deere and IRON Solutions have reached an agreement to align and integrate product offerings to help Deere equipment dealers evaluate and price used equipment.

The collaboration is designed to streamline the machine listing process and enhance the accuracy of equipment evaluations.

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